Learning Something New Everyday

Written on behalf of the PlushMoney Impact program by Niki Cyrus

There has been a few words bouncing around ever since PlushMoney Impact has started. Leadership, community and safe space. I never thought I would learn this much in a short period of time. My grandfather was a professor at University of Tehran, he once told me when I was 5 years old that he will forever be a student and learns something new everyday. I am learning so many new things from PlushMoney Impact community that is MIND BLOWING! I want to share these random thoughts that I’ve been having at night before I fall asleep.

There is a difference between just simply leading a group of people and creating desired action by choice. Until maybe 10 minutes ago I didn’t understand the difference. Getting people excited is a challenge! excitement is what that creates desired action and creativity. There is no equation or certain rules of leadership that people need to learn. Not something that you can learn by reading a book. You learn it through that moment that you created action and excitement in someone without demanding anything or setting a deadline. There may many entrepreneur around the world that are never discovered because of wrong leadership skills.

I had an amazing experience during the 4th week of our program. I learned that in life there is no making mistake without consequences. If I don’t study for a test, then I could fail. If I don’t show up to work, I’m fired. There is not that much room for messing up and making a mistake in the real world. However, I am lucky enough to be part of this community of amazing girls that would help me better myself. To me PlushMoney Impact is my safe space. I know I could make a mistake without any harsh consequence.


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