What Is Right In This World

Written on behalf of the PlushMoney Impact program by Neha Kumar

Many people have found Starbucks to be their office. I go to Disneyland. I have an area I like right at the end of Main Street on the left hand side. There are colored canopies and a raised section with some tables. You are not in the midst of traffic but close enough to see and feel the excitement of what is going on. Not too far away is a Disney style piano where throughout the day I can hear the melodious songs that remind me of what is right in the world.

This is where I work. This is where I write and come up with some of my best ideas. I can sit there all day with my iPad set-up and my Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. Disneyland really is a magical place. What makes it so? Everyone there is so happy. Most of them are on vacation. Some people have saved up for a long time to come here with their families and friends. It is a place where people can be who they want to be. It is a place where people are told to dream and to believe. There are a few street sweepers who know me on a first name basis. They will come by and tell me the coffee flavor of the day at the coffee shop on Main Street. They will watch my things when I got to the restroom or grab some food. They have a created a small community there for me.

Twice a day a parade will go by and with the elevated position of the tables I end up with a great view. I always offer to share my space during the parade. Even though the parents immensely thank me for allowing them to have prime seating, I want to say thank you to them. Their excitement and energy is my fuel. It reminds me of how we are all a part of the same world. It’s not about mine or yours but ours.

This summer we have collectively created a community of young motivated women: PlushMONEY Impact. What everyone is doing together is amazing, but the best part is how they are doing it.  We started off with nothing. There was no structure, the girls didn’t know each other, and it’s summer time. Everyone has their own jobs, school, things going on in life, etc., yet somehow they have all come together in such a short time and created a community. We now have webinars once a week and since everything is done virtually they haven’t even all met in person. Still, there is a sense of sharing and excitement. I have never seen something like this created so fast.

When I started this program I was a bit nervous and scared. How could I get these girls together to create a community where they would want to work together and help each other? Honestly, I have no idea how it all happened. They are so full of zest and ambition and at the same time work with such integrity. I hope that by the end of this program we can figure out what it is that we did to create something so great. If this could be replicated at work, groups, and in other communities I can only imagine the immense impact it could have on so many peoples’ lives.

Even though I created this program to help them in leadership, personal finance and various other areas in business, I want to say thank you to them. The mere thought of them and their energy is my fuel.  Their stories and eagerness are what is right in the world.


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