Fashion Monday: How to Wear Business Slacks

Written on behalf of the PlushMoney Impact program by Delaney Ware

It’s Monday, so that means it’s time for our first weekly DRESS TO IMPRESS tip! Business slacks are probably the most difficult fashion change for a young woman to adapt to, when first going into the work force. Why? Because, it is probably the one article of clothing she has never worn before, making it a challenging piece to style appropriately! Dress pants are significantly looser than your favorite pair of jeans, I am sure. This fact makes it imperative to wear a more tailored, tighter fitting blouse in order to balance the amount of material above your waist with the amount below. Also, don’t wear the same chunky belt you would wear with your favorite jeans! Instead, choose a sophisticated, black, patent-leather, skinny belt to accessorize your new look! With these few tips, you are sure to rock your new business wardrobe, dress pants included, at any interview or day in the office! Be sure to read next week for another tip on how to keep your business wardrobe just as stylish as your weekend one!


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