Fashion Monday: How to Wear Business Casual

Written by Delaney Ware on Behalf of PlushMoney Impact

This week’s Dress to Impress conquers the age old question–How do I dress business casual? Lucky for you, “Business Casual” encompasses many style options. If you are given the “Business Casual” option for an interview or meeting, ignore your traditional suit in the closet and spice up your outfit up a bit! Throw on a colorful, printed, wrap dress with a beige blazer, instead of the same-old black blazer you might wear with your business suit. If its too cold outside, take that same beige blazer and throw it over a bright colored, collared blouse paired with tailored, dark-wash jeans, and nude pumps. Bright colors will make you stand out amongst the crowd of other job hopefuls who didn’t get the memo on how to change up their “Business Casual” look! Good luck at your next “Business Casual” event and look for another PM Dress to Impress post next Monday!


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