PlushMONEY Impact Experience – Adrienne Trenwolla

I think an appropriate way to begin my segment on the Impact that plushMoney has made on my life would be to start by explaining where I was in my life before it all came about.

About one month before the program began, I met Neha at Sephora when she needed someone to help her pick out a pink lipstick color. As many (but not everyone) know, picking a lipstick color is a rather time consuming task. And thankfully so. The time it took to find a lipstick was the time Neha and I connected and she told me about the group. I remember that night calling my dad and telling him how excited I was about the project, even though my involvement at that point was an absolute minimum.

Fast forward a month and a coffee date later, I was a full-fledged member of plushMoney. Initially invited as a leader of the group, my excitement of being a part of a project that would talk about money to women who were young, hip and excited about success and the idea of personal confidence through financial stability overwhelmed me and I agreed to a high level of involvement, right off the bat. This sounded like my cup of tea!

It was apparent shortly thereafter however, that my excitement allowed me to fill my plate full of responsibilities a little more than I had the ability to capacitate. I faltered in one of the tasks that had been given to me, and hence, Lesson number 1. How to say no. Better yet, How to ask for help. This has been my biggest challenge my whole life, as my mother will verify. And here it is, a safe environment when I can admit my fault, learn from it, and not be forever scorned.

This is precisely what plushMoney  is about. It may sound like a group solely based on talking about money and financial literacy, but it is more than that. The group of girls in this program not only learned about the ins and outs of the unspoken necessities of life (learning about work attire, relationships and professionalism), but we learned about confidence and being able to find your weaknesses, admit them, and learn new ways of dealing with them. This was a safe environment-a community rather- of women who have a passion for knowledge, a passion for leadership, and a passion for compassion.

At the beginning of the program, my excitement was greatly due to the fact that I was thrilled to have an activity outside my job that let my mind think in different ways than it did on a daily basis. Through a number of factors, including the encouragement of the girls in the group, I have decided to follow my true dream and dive into an industry of which I know nothing about. I have the courage and the confidence to follow my dreams and to make the necessary financial decisions that will make it a smart decision, not a foolish one. I have found a support network that I certainly never would have found at bars or clubs and only few are lucky enough to find in classes in school. The communication we had with each other was rare and awesome.  We were introduced to incredibly intelligent speakers who touched on everything from leadership to stock market savvy. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine being connected to these types of people.

So the question remains, What did plushMoney do for me? I could give you catch phrases that were often thrown around like “Work smarter not harder”, “Pay it forward”, and “Make an Impanct”, but the truth is, no catch phrase will sum up the enlightenment that I’ve had within the 11 weeks of the program. I have found friends and connections I couldn’t possibly fathom prior to this group. I have had the privilege to spend time with people whose minds I am in awe of and whose energy and passion for life and knowledge is infectious. I have been blessed. I do believe everything happens for a reason, even though not everything can be explained.

I know for a fact I was supposed to be in this group and I know for a fact also, that the other girls (including Neha) feel the same. I can confidently say that I have grown as a result of this program and I cannot wait to see what my cohorts will create in the future. All I have to say is Thank You. There’s no telling where I would have been without the support of plushMoney and the girls who were a part of the program.  It is now time to take what we’ve  Learned,  Do something, and Create.


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