PlushMONEY Impact Experience – Charlsey Kellen

There are hundreds of thousands of self-help courses out there.  They cover pretty much every topic you could possibly imagine, from weight loss to how to become a better artist to how to use a computer. Most of these courses come from an expert in the field or from self-proclaimed “guru” on the material or topic being taught.  While PlushMoney Impact was a course that did help all of us, I’m sure, it is not a self-help course by any means.

PlushMoney Impact is very different from that.  PlushMoney Impact is an empowerment program.  You do not just help yourself, but you help and benefit from every single member of the community.  Whether it was Neha Kumar, who put the program together, one of the many brilliant and ambitious girls who are a part of the program, or any of the fabulous and prestigious speakers that were featured week after week in the PlushMoney Impact webinars, everyone taught someone something and every single person learned at least one new thing every week.  New tidbits of knowledge, up and coming information about technology and companies, New York Times winning strategies, and a whole lot of new friends are all things that have been gained over the course of the PlushMoney Impact program.

But PlushMoney Impact also taught everyone something more important than all of that.  Something you cannot even teach in the top universities in the country, and that is confidence.  PlushMoney Impact taught every one of us that no matter what our particular skill set may be, it is valuable in some way and we can use that to our advantage.  As Neha told us time and time again, “It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter”.


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