PlushMONEY Impact Experience – Niki Cyrus

I have been having such a hard time describing my experience with PlushMoney Impact with everyone. I never thought it would be possible to learn so much over two months. What I took away from the Impact program overall was three different things. 1) Always get to know people because you’ll miss out on some inspiring and amazing people if you don’t. 2) Creation is the main key behind learning something the right way. 3) A leader is someone who is genuine, honest and trusts her community.


I have seen many of the girls in our program that have transformed into polished and confident women in such a short period of time. It is amazing to be there and see the transformation. I have found talking on the webinars very difficult, as you can’t see anyone’s facial expressions. However, I saw myself feel more comfortable over time. The girls were always giving me positive feedback and creating a safe environment for me to practice and learn. I knew if I made a mistake there won’t be any harsh consequences. Now that was really really cool. There aren’t many instances in life that we could make mistakes without a consequence. One of the most inspiring moments throughout the program was when Rani approached Neha and I to tell us about this new exciting idea that she wants to share with everyone. I was so impressed, excited and amazed that she wanted to share something with her community. That was the moment that I felt that we have created a community, and knew Rani felt comfortable enough to want to share something with all of us on the webinar.


When Neha told me her vision behind the Impact program I didn’t really understand it at first. The steps are learning=>doing=>creating. But I asked myself, what is the main difference. I learned the difference when Delaney and I put together an event called Polished and Promising at Nordstrom. We had so many different ideas for the event. Everything we thought about was different from how everything turned out. We created the event. We did everything from promoting, creating an agenda and coming up with interactive games for the audience. Now I can say I have learned different skills on how to promote a complimentary event and how to come up with interactive games that apply to all ages and genders.


Lastly, I would like to share some of the characteristics that I know a leader must have. Half way through the program, I took on the leadership position that really helped me learn essential leadership skills. I learned that I have to trust my community like Neha trusted me. Many of the girls helped me handle different tasks in the program. At first it was scary to let go of the control but I was proven wrong that when they did an amazing job. I learned to be myself and always be honest with my community and that way with the help of my community I became a more confident woman. I am very appreciative of my community and Neha for creating this opportunity for all of us.


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