PlushMONEY Impact Experience – Rani Tiruveedhula


As the program comes to an end, I couldn’t be more proud of my decision to join this community. To explain my journey with PlushMoney, I draw parallels with my experience rock climbing for the first time. Though they seem unrelated, my journey with this community is similar in so many ways.

From the ground, I mapped out my path which seemed to be the best possible route to reach the top. However, during the climb, there were surprises and hurdles that made reaching the top even more rewarding than I had anticipated. I originally joined the program to get to know Neha Kumar, whom I’ve looked up to from speaker events and talking with her on the phone. Of course, learning about finance also interested me but I have learned so much more than finance. Leadership, business acumen, confidence, and going above and beyond have all been themes of this program. I have gotten to know not just Neha, but the other inspiring women as well as speakers whom we had the privilege of hearing from.

During my climb, I reached a point of frustration when I want to give up. My feet were shaking and I couldn’t find a place for my hands, but as I struggled I heard voices beneath me encouraging me to go on and believe in myself. These girls do the same for me, and just at the right moment when I need to push through. I took a leap of faith and reached out to the community by developing exercises which I truly believe would better equip us for our future. They warmly welcomed my ideas and efforts, motivating me to contribute more for this community. Never have I felt so empowered to follow through and get creative, a feeling I wish to carry over to all my efforts.

By the time I came down from the climb, I felt a strange bond with the girl, Lisa, whom I had met just before the climb but had supported and encouraged me throughout my experience. It’s just the way I hadn’t known any of the girls of PlushMoney before this program. I now leave with a feeling of belonging and support. I have had a wonderful journey with these girls and something tells me this isn’t the last time we will be in touch.

It amazes me that this was built from a simple assignment which Neha chose to go above and beyond to impact our lives. I wholeheartedly thank you Neha for all that you have done for PlushMoney. You are an inspirational example for us!

I could go on for pages about all that I’ve learned from this program, but my biggest lesson is that I leave this program with the inspiration to make an impact.

Thank you PlushMoney Impact for being a big part of my summer 2012.


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